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Infinien Consultancy Inc. is a global business partner with the mission to add value and sharpen competitive edge to partnered companies across industries. Founded in the US in 2006, we have been driving business inovation and integration for companies with our highly experienced consultants who have 15 years of experience on average with major companies in various industries.

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Intelligent Growth

We comprehensively optimize businesses to maxmize growth


All of our services are built with scalability in mind for increasing throughput

Seamless Integration

We metriculously analyze and deploy our services for frictionless integration

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We employ only the industry -tested best practices to build capable services

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SAP HANA is a in-memory ERP system, that efficiently manages database system to acceleartes outcome-driven innovation for real-time decision making.

Successor to SAP R/3, SAP S/4 HANA is the next-generation business solution for transactional and analytical processing that runs on hybrid or multicloud environments.

Implementation can be done via cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments, and it will provide a secure, future-ready, and in-memory data platform

Upgrade to SAP HANA

As SAP has announced to discontinue support for all current SAP R/3 systems by year 2025, we can help you migrate current R/3 systems to R/4, which will provide a much more reliable and efficient architecture.

Concerned about the migration cost? Our experts can reduce the usual implementation times by as much as 50%, and as SAP HANA is billed by the resourced used, rather than the numer of licenses in the case of R/3, upgrading to R/4 could be a colossal cost saver.

SAP Application Management Service

Ranging from application enhancements and optimization to advisory services, assessment, and planning, our SAP consultants will leverage their expertise and business know-hows to deliver the maxmium value to your organization.

After careful planning and analysis, we provide a tailored AMS solution according to the client's needs, transforming IT processes to slash operating cost and time, and allow for more resources to be allocated for innovation.

We will help you become less tactical, more strategic.

Robotics Process Automation

RPA is a configurable software, that is integrated into a company's existing IT infrastructure to pull data, perform algorithms, and create reports.

This service layer is configured to complete the same procedural steps, following the same business rules, in order to significantly lessen the manual work processes that are repetitive and recurring, and often prone to human error.

The implementation of RPA can happen in weeks and typically delivers an ROI of greater than 5:1, allowing customers to recoup their investment in the first year.

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